Universal Careers is a total Scam ,and running things fraudulently

Hello everyone. My name is James. I did the search for my question but nothing really came up that helped. I also search in real life, at a hospital, fire stations, ambulance companies, and some friends, but either didn't get enough info or no one was avaliable.
I was on Craigslist and saw an offer from
offering 14-15 day training to become an Emt. Now, I'm in the Navy, and the navy offers this type of training also, and coincidentally, also happens to be about two weeks, give a few days maybe. So I send an e-mail, and they get back to me with a contact phone number. Here's the dealio:
-It's an over the phone recruit. It was pretty fast to which was fishy to me...
-For 450.00 dollars, they send you books, along with a CD-rom to complete a course online, (which must be passed with at least a B or higher before you go to there school) a felony check and some other minor things.
-You can either do 50, or 100 dollars a week until it accumulates to 450, and then they will send you the books and do the felony check.
-On the phone, you choose what month you want to attend the school, located in Bloomington Indiana, and since it's only 14 days and they don't want anyone to fail the cram-packed course, they make sure you passed with a B or higher on the self-paced course before you get sent to the school.
-15 day school for people that need a Cpr certification
-You are given two wish-lists on the website during recruitment, a wish-list for where you want to work after you complete the course, and what you would like to be doing i.e. helicopter, firefighter emt, emergency room (however he explains that I must work with the ambulance for at least one year before I can move up in a different position)
-The course is a bit over 8,000 in costs. You are refunded all the money back at the end of the course, because they do financial aid, and the only reason a person wouldn't qualify for financial aid is if they've committed a felony in the past or something.
-Upon graduation, wherever you wanted to work at, is where you will work at. They find you the job, and you have the choice whether to accept or not, but more importantly, a job is guaranteed at whatever location you wanted to work from.
I joined...but about 3 days later I backed out.....lost 100.00 dollars because it's not refundable, although if I want to join again, I will only have to pay the remainder of what the full amount is; also, even if I go through another program to become an emt, I can still go through them and they'll find me a job. These two bonuses expire after 3 years.
I backed out because it sounded to good to be true, I tried talking to people, but nooooo-ooone has ever heard of suck a program, and it was done all over the phone, along with there website. In the end I even asked them if they had a location where I live at, and he said no, and that I couldn't even ask the hospitals in my area about them for more info, because they wouldn't have time to talk to me unless I was a student.
I feel like it's a scam, and if it is I'd definitely want these guys caught. Nonetheless I have no real knowledge in ya'lls training programs.....
Any help is greatly appreciated...

P.S. they work with JobsandHeadhunters

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